Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Monday, January 3, 2011


As "2011" begins thoughts of the past year has been one I will never forget. I learned so much about myself and how much my mother taught me. I lost my mom in June and had to make the hardest decision in my life, to sell my childhood home that my Mom and Dad built with their love for each other. As I clean each room, memories came from each corner as I had forgotten all the love and fun times we all share together as a family in that old brick house. I also learned just how much I`m like my mom, all the dishes, all the pictures, all the stuff, yup, just like mom.

Heres to the year "2011" more "balance" in my life, thanks mom for all the lessons, I really did listen, Wishing you more in "2011".

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