Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moms Way

Many of my friends and family that know me here visit my blog know I love christmas. My mom was a huge decorator at christmas and so it just comes natural, I mean its what your suppose to do according to mom. So I thought even though the christmas holiday is gone, I will show you my collections of christmas that I love to display for my family and myself. Enjoy.
My Antique and Vintage Santa collection, just makes me smile looking at the picture, I just love all of them.
My homemade snowman family, I have been working on this for years.
My Sandi Gore Evans Collection.
My favorite room in the whole house, oops I guess its outside, my screened in porch.

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  1. Your place is awesome!!! Adorable, the way you put it together!!! And the little snowmen you make are just incredible!!! WOW!!!