Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Welcome to "Vintage Goods"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saving the Past

I just can`t  help myself when it comes to old linens and quilts. Some I find are so beautiful with handwork. So many I find were not properly clean and store. I still pick them up and think how I could save this lovely piece someone spent so much time and thought on.
I never cut a quilt if its in good shape. Most of the time the ones I buy everyone pasts up cause of so much damaged. A few weeks back I pick up some vintage tablecloths that were so damaged and spotted and thought Christmas stockings.
 How cute is that, love them.
Sharing with Jami at air your laundry Friday.

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  1. Love your Vintage Goods banner...so pretty!! And I love all your vintage linens and quilts.